Transport Systems with WFT Technology

Our transport systems are ideally adapted for improving your logistics. Unparalleled capabilities for maneuverability in even the smallest of areas save a significant amount of space, while the dimensions and applications of each and every system are tailored individually to suit the respective customer’s intended use.

WFT transport systems also allow for other systems – including lifting systems – to be integrated with them. These integrated systems can be used to travel under tables, lift them, transport them, index them forward and position them precisely, providing the perfect solution for shorter cycle times, reduced waiting and set-up times, optimized batch production and more flexible manufacturing.

Examples of customer fixtures include cone cup adapters, twist lock adapters, winding devices, lifting accessories, safety scanners, contact rails and many more.

Naturally, our mobile platforms can also be configured as AGVs (automatic guided vehicles).

M.I.T. 20t Traglast mit integriertem Elektrohub geliefert mit 11 Gestellen, Abmessungen M.I.T

M.I.T. 20-ton load capacity with integrated electric lifting

M.I.T. mit 150t Traglast und integriertem Hydraulikhubsystem zum Transport von Gestellen

M.I.T. 150-ton load capacity with integrated hydraulic lifting system, for transport of racks