We design and/or build your special purpose machines

Company-specific requirements require custom solutions.

WFT is an expert in the planning, design, manufacturing and assembly of special machines and prototypes as well as the provision of advice at every stage of the process. Flexibility and precision are our core strengths.

We engage a highly specialized team of design engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers, electronic engineers, project managers, hydraulics experts and mechanic to realize your aims and wishes.

We design and/or build your machines, equipment or assemblies in a ready-to-use state. Projects we take on range from smaller fixtures and presses to bogies and lifting platforms.  We support you from the idea stage right up to the assembly and, where required, with electronics installations and programming as well. We take care of certifying your equipment, placing it into operation and maintaining it afterwards. In short, we are a one-stop service provider for everything related to special purpose machinery. 

One of WFT’s specialisms is the integratation of new special purpose machines into superordinate systems or existing systems such as control centers.

Our manufacturing capacities cover:

  • Storage and transport systems
  • Portals
  • Working platforms
  • Turning devices
  • Handling devices
  • Conveyor systems
  • Devices for the processing and painting of large, heavy parts
  • Testing benches
  • and many more

Who are our customers?