Service is one of our foremost priorities


Call our hotline on +49 9661 8 77 8 55 to talk to Markus Kipry or Sebastian Fuchs, who are waiting at the other end to fulfil (almost) any service request.

Maintenance/Repairs/Replacement Parts

WFT can oversee the maintenance and repairs of existing equipment, including your yearly accident prevention inspection. Our WFT specialists will be happy to advise you with regards to maintenance contracts and replacement part packages.


WFT can take on the conversion/retrofitting, change or extension of your facilities – regardless of whether they were built by us or by another manufacturer. In doing so, we help you ensure that your equipment and machines correspond to changes in requirements or to the latest technical standards.

Facility Design/Production Optimization

Our experienced team will assist you in the design of a new production site or in the optimization of manufacturing processes. The support they offer covers every stage of the process, from planning to execution to final completion of the work.

Quality Assurance/Measurement Techniques

WFT deploys cutting-edge measuring techniques to ensure that the highest standards of quality have been met and to enable the production of sound, well-functioning products.

Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine WMM 850/1800/600 –  particularly suited to the measurement of small parts and prototypes

  • Reinshaw probe tips PH 10M inc. TP 20, rotatable
  • with active vibration damping and analysis software PC DEMIS DCC and CAD
  • CNC Controller Procontrol 200
  • Initial sampling and measurement of prototypes


  • L: 1500 mm
  • W:  600 mm
  • H:  450 mm

Stiefelmayer Coordinate Measuring Machine C425410901 – particularly suited to the measurement of large and small parts

  • Renishaw sensing device
  • Horizontal measuring arm Stiefelmayer type C
  • Casting plate 6000 mm x 2000 mm
  • Parts up to 20 tons unit weight
  • 5000 mm measuring legth


  • L: 5000 mm
  • W: 1500 mm
  • H: 1200 mm