A Robot Becomes Mobile

The restricted range of movement of industrial robots is having an ever more significant impact on the partially or fully automated processing of large parts. Additional linear axles increases this range, but usually only in one direction. Even a combination of multiple external axles tends not to produce the desired result.

M.I.T. (Modular Individual Transport System) at the Robotics Trade Fair

Connection of the robot with a mobile platform provides an elegant solution to this challenge. The mobile robot can be positioned next to large parts as required and is able to reach high parts via an additional vertical axis. A power supply to the robot and a navigational system for the vehicle are the only prerequisites. Programming of the vehicle can be comfortably accomplished within the robot software and trialled virtually in the digital factory.

Advantages of the mobile robot system:

  • able to work on parts of every kind in any location
  • all-round solution that provides maximum benefit from investments
  • realization of the partially or fully automated processing of:
    • large parts, equipment, vehicles, machinery,
    • aeroplanes or wings,
    • rail vehicles of all types, sizes and weights,
    • rotor blades, tower components, etc.

Full configurability of equipment via the additional incorporation of 

  • vertical, horizontal linear axes,
  • lift tables,
  • telescopic mechanisms,
  • docking stations for switching quickly between different robots, and many more.

Automatic line guidance and positioning:

  • RFID transponders and antenna,
  • color code bands with camera,
  • inductive wiring,
  • laser technology, or
  • GPS.

We offer a globally unique combination of cutting-edge safety features and high levels of flexibility  in your handling and production areas.
WFT has the know-how to develop and implement mobile, flexible systems.

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