Heat & Surface Treatment of Cast and Steel Parts

Cast and steel parts are refined using heat and surface treatments and made ready for further use.

We use cutting-edge heat treatment equipment to eliminate unwanted characteristics such as tension and brittleness and to produce the required mechanical characteristics, such as high tensile strength or hardness. To achieve this, WFT deploys heat treatment processes such as normal, perlite and carbide disintegration annealing, spheroidize and stress relief annealing and ferritization. The resultant characteristics are tested both internally and in a materials lab and are documented by WFT.

The abrasive blast cleaning of cast and steel parts using a modern wheel blast machine and the use of fine polishing techniques achieve an even, clean finish to their surfaces. Subsequent priming or painting affords parts the necessary protection against corrosion and/or the desired visual effect.

Constant electronic monitoring of all equipment enables WFT to ensure consistently high standards of quality.