WFT vehicles enable flow production to be accomplished in the most impressive of ways

The vehicles themselves can be used as working platforms during flow production. It’s not only components that can be transported, but personnel, materials and tools too. The capacity for the vehicle to be driven extremely slowly enables workers to embark, work and disembark without problems during the ride. At the end of its journey, the vehicle simply travels the route in reverse and fetches the next part.

The opportunity also exists for the vehicle to be used for return transport. In this case, the production line consists of individual pallets that are driven by friction wheels and shunted forwards. The WFT vehicles then collect the empty platform at the end of the line and transports it back to the beginning. The opportunity to be able remove pallets while a process is underway – e.g. in the case of production errors – presents a further, very significant advantage.

Flow Production for Aircraft

The aircraft is pulled through the production line nosewheel first. Work platforms are pulled alongside each side of the craft. During the aircraft’s journey, the jet engine is installed and the interior built in.

Production Line for cars

Production Line for Aircraft Assembly